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Richard and Evelyn Kemp have since 1979 been successfully running an electronics research partnership that has specialized in applying technology to principally environmental situations, often where electronics has not been used before. (Kemputa Systems). This has involved us into a great deal of software writing. We have also taken a deep personal interest in child education and the effects that has on society. Furthermore we are fundamentally rural people. This puts us in an ideal position to realize the potential and positive impact technology could have in rural society and its economy. Our interest is to see our vision materialize, partly for our own benefit, but mainly for the benefit of our dependants, and all those around us, particularly those of the next and future generations. Whilst we would enjoy participating in making it happen, we are not in a position to cause it to happen. If it is to succeed, it must have the active support of those responsible for the future of the countryside, in Wales and in Britain generally.

Author: Richard Kemp of Kemputa Systems, Pen-y-Gwaith, Ysbyty Ystwyth, Ystrad Meurig, Wales, UK. Tel:01974282619 Fax:01974282406

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